S1E32 - From the E to the T

Juju and Skitter discuss esports finals and the start of the NBA season.

S1E31 - Group Stages

Juju and Skitter talk about what happened in the group stages of TI and LoL Worlds (so far).

S1E30 - Internationally Known

Juju and Skitter welcome Phelix to discuss the group stage of the International 2021.

S1E29 - Calling on the World

Juju and Skitter discuss the LoL World Championship group draw and predict the ultimate winner.

S1E28 - The End of an Eva

Juju and Skitter... and Cam... discuss all things Neon Genesis Evangelion w/ spoilers.

S1E27 - Trusting the Process

Juju and Skitter talk about the hiring process in the tech industry.

S1E26 - The Horror Iceberg

Juju and Skitter break down the horror movie genre.

S1E25 - Solving the Cube

Juju and Skitter talk about cubing.

S1E24 - Princes of Sport

Juju and Skitter turn their own sports experiences into anime.

S1E23 - Return to the Nest

Juju and Skitter rant about visiting their parents.