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S2E4 - On Crypto

S2E3 - The Reunion

Juju and Skitter catch up on their time apart.

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S2E2 - Securing the Bag

Juju and Skitter talk about getting your first job in tech.

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S2E1 - Tiers of an Angel

Juju and Skitter make tier lists for SMT and FE.

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S1E39 - Looking Back

Juju and Skitter reflect on 2021.

S1E38 - Professional Monster Tamers

Juju and Skitter discuss games in the monster tamer genre and some other stuff too.

S1E37 - Referees on the Blockchain

Juju and Wax talk about sports and the blockchain.

S1E36 - Giving Thanks

Juju and Skitter tell tales of their Thanksgiving weekend.

S1E35 - You Are What You Eat

Juju and Skitter discuss their diets and fitness.

S1E34 - Fixing the World

Juju, Skitter, and Zess look back at LoL Worlds and discuss how the format could be improved.

S1E33 - Weaselly Little Liar

Juju and Skitter discuss death games.